Monroe, NC

Bio: I am a psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, sound healer, mentor, Councils of Light facilitator and a long time student of Evolutionary Sprituality. I’m a wife and the mom of two awesome young men, four fur babies, two bearded dragons and a beautiful python. I love to play in the dirt in my garden and creating. Both have been an integral part of my spiritual journey. I’m often asked how I started making wands…. Here’s my story. One day as I was picking up sticks in the yard (I live in the woods!) I heard “you should make wands”. Well I just ignored it and kept on picking up sticks. A few weeks later I was in the yard picking up sticks and again heard “make wands”. And the rest is history. I love working with the elements of nature; wood, shells, feathers, crystals and Spirit to create magical tools that help others on their quest for wholeness. And I am so lucky to get to spend time with all these amazing medicines too! “Journey There” is a very special name to me. To me “There” is a special place that each of us is seeking, striving for. “There” may be a place we are striving to evolve or grow. Or a healing that we are working toward. “There” may be the still quiet place of Divinity within or the vastness found in the silence; or out “There” in another dimension or realm. “There” may be a goal, a dream, a purpose. “There” might just be a place of flow, creativity, ceremony. “There” could also be the place we create together when in communion with each other, our self or creation. The bible speaks of going to a place called “there” to be fed and healed. So “There” is a very special place, unique to each of us. My hope is these magical tools will assist you on your Journey There.

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