Pacha Mama Code (Mother Earth Code)

IMG_3426 My amazing friend, Liz Simmerman of Reiki Energetics, painted this amazing painting for me last April. One day, shortly after she gave it to me, I was meditating with it and started singing a song of sorts. I call it a Light Language song.

This song was the first of several. And I had such fun, during that time. Then, suddenly, it seems I completely forgot about it, singing these songs that is….

Today I was guided to meditate with my painting. When I did I was also guided to listen to the song I had recorded so long ago. So, I did. Today, it seems the activation was even stronger than last.

And then I was guided to share them both, the painting of the Pacha Mama Code and the Song. And so I am… I hope that you can take 4 minutes in quiet and meditate on the amazing code while you listen to my little diddy. And, please, share your thoughts, feelings, experiences… I sang a new song to Liz’s newest painting last week. Maybe if I get really brave I’ll share it to. Until then…

Much Munay (Love)!

8 thoughts on “Pacha Mama Code (Mother Earth Code)”

  1. Autumn thank you so much for sharing. Your voice always sends chills through me. I am so honored to be by your side sharing light and love.

  2. Autumn, this is very powerful. I remember listening to this song back in April and loved it. Keep on keeping on! Much Munay right back at you.

  3. This is so beautiful! It brings tears of remembrance to my eyes, and it stirrs something deep inside of me. Please keep sharing more of your amazing voice with us ❤ Aloha Mahalo Autumn! Alexandra

  4. You’re tapping into the ancient energies carrying the new codes of the Now, and all I feel is love, peaceful love. Thank you so much for sharing this. Keep on truckin’ ! ❤

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